IntelliSense isn't aware of my Django apps in PTVS 2.1

(From I just installed PTVS 2.1 and I opened my Django project that was working with PTVS 2.0. Now, IntelliSense does not recognize any of my ap...

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BeginModuleLoad causing crashes

The Monitor.Exit(_moduleLoadLock) call is raising SynchronizationLockException, which means that Exit is being called on a different thread.

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Visual Studio 2010 random crash

I have been noticing lately when I have been editing unrelated files that I get random crashes in VS 2010. I finally checked the event viewer and received the following stack trace. Application...

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Other-machine install from msi - signing issues?

Hello there, I'm having a tough time building a usable PTVS installer from sources - I think it's the signing process that's preventing install. The msi install - running on a different PC - ult...

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unit test: class level setup

Microsoft Visual Studio Premium 2013 Version 12.0.21005.1 REL Python Tools for Visual Studio 2.1.20211.00 Python 2.7.6 It appears that setUpClass() tearDownClass() as described here https://doc...

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PTVS 2.1 Beta (VS 2010) Extension failes to load

Installed PVTS 2.1 Beta VS 2010.msi on VS 2010 Premium SP1 with PVTS 2.0 installed previously. After restarting Visual Studio I get an error message saying that an extension failed to load. The ...

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need canopy & anaconda install doc pages

i'll do it & have steve review.

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Interpeter location resets when renaming Environment

I ran into an issue when doing the following: I right click to add an Environment In the "The virtual environment is based on this interpreter" I change the value (lets say to 2.7 from 3.4 default...

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.pyd module imports always show 'missing' squiggle

If you add a reference to a .pyd and import a module from it, the module always shows as unresolved.

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2.1a and b cause hang with Test Explorer

VS 2013.2RC I have a solution w/ python projects in it and about 180 unit tests (MSTest) When I show all the UTs in Test explorer and run the scroll bar up/down the list, VS hangs completely. ...

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