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Copy-paste project file under source control shouldn't be read-only


Open a project that is under source control. Files should be read-only on disk.
In solution explorer, select a file, choose Copy. Paste the file in the same project.
Open the copy in the editor and start typing.

Result: The copy is read-only, so an error message will appear. I would expect that when the file is copied, the attributes are reset. C# project system resets the attributes.
Microsoft Visual Studio
TF206012: The system cannot edit the copy of C:\Projects\azuretest\test_queueservice - in your workspace because the read-only attribute is set on this file, and there is also an add operation pending for this file. Remove the read-only attribute to proceed with editing the file.


huguesv wrote Sep 19, 2013 at 12:25 AM

Reopening. This is not working properly, the file is still read-only. It lets you edit the copied file but when you go to save it you'll get a message box saying it's not write-protected.

Probably the same as this new issue I filed not long ago: