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Code snippet support


Visual Studio has a code snippet manager (Tools->Code Snippet manager) but we don't get Python support for this for free, instead we need to do something to register our langauge. I think there's already a VS SDK sample for this from the old IronPython SDK sample. We should port that forward and support code snippets which are useful for demos.


huguesv wrote Jan 18, 2014 at 8:39 PM

I started on this but didn't get to finish it. Here's the status of it and the link to the fork:

I've ported everything that was in the IronPython integration sample.
One feature that left to do, that isn't part of the IP sample, is auto-formatting. For example, you would invoke a snippet at indentation 8, then the whole snippet needs to be indented to 8.
Also, it doesn't have any tests.