For PTVS 2.1 Alpha, we have added support for running PyLint in PTVS.

In Solution Explorer, you'll see a command to run PyLint on your Python project node.

PyLint Command

If you don't have PyLint installed, it will prompt you to install it into your active Python environment.

The errors reported by PyLint will appear in the Error List window. Double-click on an error and it will take you to the source code.

PyLint Error List


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Zooba Mar 31 at 3:27 PM 
Queries like these are better posted on the Discussion board or as an issue - we don't have a good way to get notifications of comments on pages and we can't check every page all the time.

Have a look at where people have the same issue.

mlthomas Mar 26 at 6:26 PM 
Same here. I even uninstalled and re-installed but does not show. Needs fixed.

know1nos Mar 7 at 10:05 PM 
Using VS 2012

2 of my coworkers and I have installed 2.1 alpha but none of us have the Python option appear when we right click on the project.