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2.1 Beta

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Released: Apr 7, 2014
Updated: Jul 1, 2014 by Zooba
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Application PTVS 2.1 Beta VS 2013.msi
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Release Notes

Release notes for PTVS 2.1 Beta

We’re pleased to announce the release of Python Tools for Visual Studio 2.1 Beta. Python Tools for Visual Studio (PTVS) is an open-source plug-in for Visual Studio which supports programming with the Python language. PTVS supports a broad range of features including CPython/IronPython, Edit/Intellisense/Debug/Profile, Cloud, IPython, and cross platform and cross language debugging support.

Changes since 2.0 RTM

There are a number of exciting improvements in this release compared to 2.0, many based on your feedback & suggestions. Here’s a summary:
  • PTVS is now installable in 2013 Express for Web and Express for Desktop editions! This is also means that there will not be anymore "PTVS-Integrated" releases. The Express editions have all the features in the Integrated package and more. Please install Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 as PTVS 2.1 has dependencies on it.
  • New templates for Bottle and Flask projects – as with Django, you can create Bottle & Flask project & easily publish to Azure
  • New editing experience for Django templates on VS 2013:
    • Full support for HTML5, CSS and JS
    • CSS and JS syntax highlighting and Intellisense
    • Significantly improved HTML Intellisense
  • PyLint integration
  • Debugger performance and stability improvements when working with large data sets
  • pyproj files can now be edited manually to add build steps
  • Add a “CoreCompile” target to your project to enable building non-web projects inside VS
  • Along with many bug fixes and smaller features enhancements.

For a complete list of known issues for this release, please see the Issues and Discussion pages on Codeplex.

Reviews for this release

Fantastic addition to the VS toolset. Being able to keep almost all development and debugging inside VS while developing our rather big c/c++/python projects makes this an absolutely priceless addition. I was very happy to get rid of the multiple IDE/debugger situation. I would have liked to see some more examples projects, especially for mixed mode debugging with embedded interpreters. Support and response from the dev team seems top notch. Keep up the great work guys.
by jflack on Apr 18, 2014 at 5:42 PM
I do a lot of PHP work but the best part of my day is firing up VS and working on Python... all because of this extension for the best IDE. A massive thanks to you guys for building this!
by dsolms on Apr 16, 2014 at 7:35 AM
This is completely great. I've been using it since v2.0. The 2.1 beta fixes a lot of quirky things, particularly that SQLAlchemy wouldn't register with intellisense. My day job is a mixed environment using Windows/Linux. But my fun-time projects are almost all linux/python backends. I've been looking for the perfect python IDE for a long time, and I was considering just moving to a linux distro full time at home. But a couple of things have always held me back: SQL Server and Excel. Really two of the greatest applications ever made. Now I can add to that a third one: PTVS. It's completely fantastic. Everything I want in an environment that helps me build and very little that I don't want. I might get a Mac the next time I buy a new machine, but I will always have Excel, SQL Server, and now (PT)VS on any machine I do serious work on. Thanks for the work to make this happen.
by agmartin on Apr 12, 2014 at 11:25 PM