Visual Studio hangs

I have installed the PTVS2.2 beta, and the Visual Studio would frequently hang, or freeze. The UI just becomes unresponsive. Looks like the UI thread just get locked up for some reason. Sometimes i...

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debug enviroment variable

Hello! When I use debug enviroment variable such as APP_CONFIG_FILE=$(SolutionDir)\config\, for example, for load debug config file, then i can't reach break points at inner script, at sam...

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Test adapter doesn't use env variables set in project settings

In project settings - debug page, set environment variables: MY_ENV_VAR=HelloWorld In a unit test, print the value: from os import getenv class Test_test1(unittest.TestCase): def test_A(self): ...

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Intellisense not complete!

Some numpy methods are not recognized by the intellisense when writing a file/solution (but works in the interactive window). For instance: import numpy as np np.arange() np.zeros() My system...

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r and u and auto identifiers

Try to type the following with the auto identifier on: mkdir(r'c:\temp') or text = u'hello world' You'll have to escape out of the completions list when you type 'r' and 'u'. Otherwise you'll en...

Id #3010 | Release: 2.2 | Updated: Mar 20 at 11:47 PM by Zooba | Created: Mar 20 at 9:02 PM by huguesv

Add reference to pyd by import name

Currently we only allow adding references to pyds by full paths, but we should allow references by import names so that search paths and ABI tags can be resolved properly.

Id #3009 | Release: 2.2 | Updated: Mar 20 at 4:46 PM by Zooba | Created: Mar 20 at 4:46 PM by Zooba

IronPython source code Intellisense for .NET assemblies

Using IronPython 2.7.5 and PTVS 2.2 beta on Visual Studio 2013 Express. Unlike PTVS 2.1 the 2.2 beta does not appear to auto-detect my installation of IronPython but maybe this is by design as I ...

Id #3008 | Release: 2.2 | Updated: Thu at 9:10 PM by Zooba | Created: Mar 20 at 12:37 PM by amgraham

Breakpoints with line number >512 don't work in mixed mode

I'm one of the developers of LLDB on Windows. Our test suite is built on Python and embeds LLDB as an extension module, then uses Python to script it. I usually enable Native Code Debugging and t...

Id #3007 | Release: 2.2 | Updated: Tue at 6:25 PM by pminaev | Created: Mar 20 at 1:01 AM by zturner

Repl does not show top-level variables from dir()

If there are variables in a repl scope (i.e. globals().keys()) that weren't created by the user, they don't appear in completions.

Id #3006 | Release: 2.2 | Updated: Thu at 11:29 PM by Zooba | Created: Mar 19 at 10:06 PM by Zooba

Intellisense not working on project from existing sources

I like PTVS a lot, but still struggling to get the intellisense to work when starting from existing sources. I have been trying for a while now to use PTVS for developing a module for Odoo. (open...

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