Add/detect interpreter by path (feature req.)


It would be nice to be able to "detect" an interpreter by providing the path.

For example, I have IronPython 2.7 simply extracted to "D:\IronPython27" (rather than putting assemblies in the GAC - I'd rather know exactly which build I'm dealing with), which is obviously not detected by the PTVS installer. Custom interpreters apparently (and presumably by design ATM) don't support breakpoints or completion databases.

An option to add a 'standard' interpreter by providing the path would be nice for this case, assuming that only the path is required.


EriolAncalagon wrote May 2 at 10:22 PM

This issue was linked from here: https://pytools.codeplex.com/discussions/544102

I'd be nice to be able to add a custom path and actually have the right interpreter (IronPython in my case) chosen. Or at least a flag to say "this Environment is an IronPython one" as opposed to it assuming CPython.