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brace-completion not working?



Can't PTVS do brace-completion? I've been looking around if PTVS can use brace-completion, and I can't find any report about this. At least I've found Options -> Text Editor -> Python -> Automatic brace completion is grayed out and even installing the extension Brace Completer
and checking <Insert closing brace immediately> and <Python> in Options -> Environment -> Brace Completion does not work. (Removing this extension doesn't change the situation, of course.)

Is brace-completion just not yet implemented, or is there any workaround? Or is this not the case for anyone else because I'm doing something wrong?
I'm using VS Pro 2013 and PTVS 2.0.


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Zooba wrote Jul 29, 2014 at 4:10 PM

It's just not implemented. At this stage, we won't be able to add it to PTVS 2.1 either, but we'll consider this a feature request for the next version. It'll be much easier to do once we stop supporting those versions of Visual Studio that don't have I already built in.

You could also suggest to the other extension that they could recognize Python files. Chances are it's an easy change for them (if they've done it the way I think they must have) and they'll probably have a release sooner than us.

Nao wrote Jul 29, 2014 at 8:27 PM

Thanks for your answer. Since it's (personally) critical, I will try to ask them about that.