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IronPython project template requires Python2.7 but the download link at F5 takes to install Python 3.4.1


  • Either on VS2013 pro+ or Express
  • Python 3.4.1 installed through Python Azure ADK (No Python 2.7 installed)
  • PTVS 20617.00
  • Create an IronPython application
  • Expand and take a look at the Python Environments in the Solution Explorer. It says "Unknown Python 2.7"
  • F5
  • This bring up the page in the browser titled "We didn't find any interpreters"
  • Click on "Download and install Python"
  • This brings to down load "Python-3.4.1.msi" from
  • if we need Python 2.7, shouldn't we take people to download python2.7 (instead of 3.4 which I already have on my machine)?


Zooba wrote Jun 19, 2014 at 12:01 AM

Expected: message box appears saying that IronPython is required but was not found. This message box used to be there, but is probably being superseded by the exception that leads to the help page being shown.