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PyKinect helps/ about TODO in version 2.1b1 get_next_frame()


I am working with Kynect+python (without using Micosoft visual studio), on windows 7.

Has somebody solve how to get frames from kinect without using an event loop??

I am refering to this method of Pykinect/nui/
def get_next_frame(self, milliseconds_to_wait = 0):
    # TODO: Allow user to provide a NUI_IMAGE_FRAME ?
    return self.runtime._nui.NuiImageStreamGetNextFrame(self._stream, milliseconds_to_wait)
The above function is what i need and it isnt implemented yet. I need it to get frames on demand (without using an event loop).

Please help me, this going to get me crasy at this time.

Thanks a lot. Best Regards

Python 2.7.2, Pykinect 2.1b1, Kinect sensor (from XBOX v1), kinect SDK 1.8, Windows 7