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Error "Current interactive window is disconnected" in Python Debug Inteactive Window


From 5/28 BB.
PTVS build: PTVS build \pytools\RollData\PTVS\Build\PTVS\CL1265380
VS build: VS 2013 Ultimate with update 2
Python: 3.3 and 3.4 (3.4 was installed through the Azure SDK 0.8.0 for Python)
OS: Win8.1 CHS

Repro Step:
  1. Create a Bottle Web project
  2. Create a 3.4 virtual environment
  3. F5
    3.5. As a workaround of another issue, you may need to restart the website in Portal.
    3.75. Make sure the WebSocket is open on the website.
  4. Create a 3.4 virtual environment for publish
  5. In the Publish dialog make sure to select "Debug" so you can remote debug
  6. Publish
  7. In the Server explorer, attach a debugger (python)
  8. Set a breakpoint somewhere in the code and trigger the breakpoint
  9. Open the Python Debug Interactive window
  10. Execute something in the interactive window
Actual Result:
error: Current interactive window is disconnected - please reset the process.

Expected Result:
No error
Closed Jun 17, 2014 at 1:07 AM by jinglou


pminaev wrote Jun 12, 2014 at 2:26 AM

So far as I am able to see from my own repro, the problem here is that the process does indeed physically go away due to timeouts that are put on FastCGI apps (basically, it's going to be forcibly killed if it doesn't process the request in 70 seconds). We should then report this to VS debugger as program exit event, but we do not. So you end up in that state where VS shows up as still debugging, but REPL doesn't work, and no debugger actions work (can't step, look at locals etc).

jinglou wrote Jun 17, 2014 at 1:07 AM

This seems to be fixed in 20616.00. The debugger now exits automatically after the service disconnection.