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suppress alias not visible in pylint result window


when run from command line, each line of the pylint output contains name which can be used to suppress the error/warning:
W:256,27: Unused argument 'level' (unused-argument)
In above case, it is unused-argument
This information can not be found in Error List nor Output.

First suggestion is to simply include it.

Second nice possibility would be to do a something like right-click over the error in Error List and suppress.
For case above, the local suppression would be added:
def foo(level): # pylint: disable=unused-argument


pminaev wrote Jun 18, 2014 at 12:12 AM

Note that it does report numeric error codes (message ID), and those also work with disable=... comments. But this is still suboptimal as named identifiers are more readable, so I'll add this in parens at the end of the message.

(BTW, you can customize output to some extent by editing Microsoft.PythonTools.targets, since all parameters passed to Pylint are defined there. It has to be MSBuild-style so that Error List can parse it, but everything after the second semicolon is basically free form.)