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Convert to Azure Cloud Service command shouldn't add to .csdef


Right now we still modify ServiceDefinition.csdef to publish and startup with AzureSetup.exe. We should simply stop modifying that file, and force user to add new item -> web role support files, and copy paste the necessary xml into the csdef manually.

Reasoning is:
  1. We shouldn't push people using AzureSetup.exe, as it's the old way.
  2. Modification to ServiceDefinition.csdef doesn't work 100% of the time
  3. AzureSetup.exe won't pip install the requirements.txt, but the powershell script will.
  4. Our documentation will have fewer exceptions and gotchas
Of course, we need to keep AzureSetup.exe deployment working for existing cloud service projects. But for anyone creating new cloud service projects, they should have to use powershell script.