Support build actions, JavaScript package manager


Unlike regular VS projects, with PTVS I can't use NuGet as a JavaScript package manager, and have some tools (e.g. Grunt) processing my scripts on each "build".

Django projects often contain decent amounts of JavaScripts/SQL code and we're missing the procedures we're used to to handle them.


Zooba wrote Apr 3 at 3:55 PM

Just to help my understanding, this is just standard NuGet support, correct? As in, there's nothing special required for Python or JavaScript to make it work (other than updating NuGet to recognize our projects)?

RonnyBiocatch wrote Apr 3 at 5:20 PM

As far as package manager goes, then yes, it's enough to get NuGet to recognize python projects.
But to be able to integrate JavaScript automation tools (e.g. run a JavaScript code analysis tool), we need build actions.


Zooba wrote Apr 3 at 6:13 PM

So if you grab out latest versions (either 2.1 Alpha or the latest dev build) then we've added support for the Build command. Right now, this is just going to execute the Build target in your .pyproj file - I've posted some details elsewhere, but we don't have any documentation up yet.

We haven't decided how we'll expose this functionality through the UI yet (if at all), but you do have most of the power of MSBuild available now (modulo bugs :( ). We can't actually 'borrow' existing UI from other projects, and we don't really have the manpower to add a lot of UI, so we're more likely to write up howto documentation pages - any contributions here would be welcome, and we can certainly help get things working. Now is the time to do it, in case we need to fix any blocking issues before we release 2.1.