IronPython (.Net) launcher does not allow mixed mode debugging - VS2010, IronPython 2.7.4, PTVS 2.0


I am using IronPython and VS2010 C#. All documentation and a previous installation of the same setup should allow me to do mixed mode debugging, i.e. launch Python Script which steps into C# code. However, with the latest versions of IronPython 2.7.4 and PTVS 2.0 vs. VS2010, I cannot get it to work.

Project interpreter: IronPython 2.7, Launch Mode: IronPython (.NET) launcher, VS 2010 Ultimate Env: Windows 7 Enterprise.

Any ideas?


Zooba wrote Mar 25 at 3:41 PM

That sounds correct. The IronPython launcher is not strictly "mixed-mode", it's a pure managed debugger. We haven't changed anything here that I'm aware of, but it wouldn't surprise me if IronPython has changed something (perhaps a default option?).

If you set a breakpoint in your C# code and call it from IronPython, can you hit the breakpoint? What happens if you add a call to Debugger.Launch() in your C# code? (This should not do anything if the debugger is already attached, but it will pop up a VS dialog if the debugger is not actually attached to the right code. It's not a workaround, but it is useful information.)

I assume this is your own C# code that you have symbols and source code for. Are you building it as part of the same solution as your IronPython project? Are you able to share your code (privately, if necessary)?

Albert11 wrote Mar 26 at 10:18 AM

Thank you. I reverted to earlier versions of both IronPython 2.7 and PTVS 1.5 and now the IronPython launcher "managed debugger" works, i.e. if I set breakpoint in C# code and call it from IronPython it breaks normally, as expected from a previous installation.

This is, as you suggested, what I could not get to work with the latest versions.

Will revert once I have managed to explore around your suggestion - add call to Debugger.Launch() - with subset of own code, which employs C# as part of IronPython project.