Fatal Error on install


I'm attempting to install PTVS on Win 7 SP 1 under MAvericks Bootcamp. I had VS 2013 Pro install as well as VS 2012 and VS Web Express (don't ask). I also had a Websharper install on the machine.

I've tried installing both the tools library as well as the integrated package version. No joy. I then uninstalled VS 2013, 2012, and Express and tried again. Still no luck. Here's the install log attached. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help, and also for what looks like a great product.


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Zooba wrote Mar 14 at 3:35 PM

From the log, it looks like the final step of the installation failed. This is PTVS itself - the first two steps are the VS 2013 Isolated Shell and VS 2013 Integrated Shell - which is typically the most reliable part because we install the least files.

It's possible at this stage that you have a corrupted install database. I think it's worth using this tool (find the "Run Now" button) to check whether any of VS or PTVS are still there. If so, that tool can clean them up properly.

Since you have access to VS 2013 Pro, I'd recommend installing that and then installing PTVS 2.0 VS 2013.msi. (The integrated package is really only for people who don't have any other way to get VS.) You can run that installer with logging enabled by running msiexec /lvx* log.txt /i "PTVS 2.0 VS 2013.msi" from an administrative command prompt. If it fails again, that log will be very helpful for us.