Python 3.3.4 with windows extension refresh db never up to date


I've installed Python 3.3.4 with build 218 extensions for windows and have the following warning after every refresh of the DB in VS 2013.

Database at C:\Users\David Woakes\AppData\Local\Python Tools\CompletionDB\12.0\2af0f10d-7135-4994-9156-5d01c9c11b7e\3.3 does not contain the following modules:

Tried a complete reinstall of python and extensions didn't help. Multiple reboots and still no joy.


Zooba wrote Mar 5 at 3:34 PM

Thanks. I suspect that there is some reason that these files aren't being scanned properly - win32com is notorious for files like this. The logs will confirm:

Can you open Tools->Python Tools->Diagnostic Info, copy the contents into a text file and either attach it here or email it to ptvshelp@microsoft.com (it may contain some personal information, which is why you may not want to post it publicly).