Flask project publish update has no effect


VS 2013

Create flask project
Add virtual env, install flask
Publish to Azure Web Site
In app.py, change "Hello World!" to "Hello Updated World!"
Publish again (don't preview)
The web site will load automatically and it will say Hello World! instead of the expected Hello Updated World!
Refreshing the page in the browser, and restarting the site using the Azure portal don't help.


huguesv wrote Feb 11 at 12:48 AM

It happens with Django too. I published the initial django skeleton, then add an app that prints 'hello world', published that and the site on azure still shows the 'it worked page'. App shows 'hello world' locally.

huguesv wrote Feb 11 at 12:58 AM

I tried to delete the obj directory and republishing, and that didn't help. I tried deleting the web site using the azure portal, recreating it in the publish dialog and publishing to that. And I got a 500 internal server error...