Test explorer doesn't discover tests


VS 2013, rolling build CL71493, Python 2.7

Test explorer doesn't discover any test.

New python application, add new unit test, save project -> no test in test explorer
Load existing solution with plenty of tests (like azure sdk solution) -> no test in test explorer

My Completion DB is up to date according to the environments window.

This must be a recent regression because I've used builds from last week and they discovered tests just fine.


huguesv wrote Jan 20 at 8:10 PM

Last known build where tests are discovered: CL71475 (I haven't tested every build between CL71475 and CL71493)

Zooba wrote Jan 20 at 9:34 PM

Rick's changes switched from using the Python project GUID to the package GUID. Once we switch back everything should be fine.