Can't see output when web command fails


Create flask project.
Make sure you don't have flask installed in your selected python environment.
Right click project node and select Web->Start server or Web->Start debug server.
Command window will come up with an error stating flask isn't installed, but you'll need superhuman vision to see that error, because the command window disappears immediately.

It would be nice if to have a way for the user to see the output, especially (or only?) when there's a failure. Either a pause at the end, or tee the output to VS output window.


Zooba wrote Jan 17 at 11:35 PM

Check your settings for pausing after running a program - we should be using those settings.

huguesv wrote Jan 18 at 12:05 AM

I have both of them (normally, abnormally) enabled, so it's not using them.

Zooba wrote Jan 20 at 8:58 PM

You're right, it's a different code path that uses those options. I'll make it pause after non-zero exit codes.