Can't create Python Unit Test project in VS2013 (v12)


From my limited understanding, this page indicates that unit tests are supported for anything after Visual Studio 2012, and above the "professional" level.

I'm using VS2013 (v12) Premium with PTVS 2.0, and I cannot create a new Python Unit Test project.

Does VS2013 support Python Unit Test projects?
Closed Jan 20 at 5:51 PM by Zooba


Zooba wrote Dec 18, 2013 at 9:33 PM

We don't have a special project type for it, but we look in all Python projects for uses of the unittest.TestCase class.

Having a specific project type could help us improve performance by ignoring other types, but I think that may confuse or annoy people who put their tests in the same project. Looking at source layouts, we expect this to be the norm, as opposed to other VS languages.