Debug pytest tests


Can debug python tests which are using pytest library on visual studio 2010 ? I added the -m pytest on the Interpreter arguments but the breakpoints are not hit, I can only run the test script without debugging it.


Zooba wrote Jan 20 at 5:49 PM

I'll mark this as a feature for supporting alternate test frameworks, but VS 2010 will not get the same support as VS 2012 and later have (because we rely on a feature that was added to VS 2012).

Zooba wrote Jan 20 at 5:50 PM

That said, if pytest can be started from within a script (import pytest; pytest.main() or something like that) then you should be able to debug that. Unfortunately, modifying the interpreter arguments as you tried will interfere with how we start the debugger.

adcurzon wrote Apr 26 at 5:01 AM