Integrate PyKinect and Pyvot installers into main PTVS installer


Since they are all using the same Apache license, we can merge them.

Reduce the number of files on our downloads page
Reduce maintenance of those separate installers (Ex: we often forget to update the launch conditions in them)
Increase test coverage for PyKinect and Pyvot installation (they will be installed a lot more often than they used to
Closed Feb 10 at 11:04 PM by huguesv
We'll deprecate PyKinect and Pyvot installers instead. Sample code will be on CodePlex doc pages.


Zooba wrote Dec 18, 2013 at 9:38 PM

Adding so many new points of failure - the potential for package load errors will skyrocket. I'm against this unless they're excluded by default or turned into PyPI packages and the menus are moved into PTVS proper.

I avoid building these samples to save time when developing, and external people can skip them and avoid obscure dependencies.

I'd also be okay with them becoming vsix only, which already has an open issue somewhere.