Server/News download attemp results in "unavailable" page for expored survey


Not sure how I got into this state, or out of it, but while in the problem state, downloading survey/news, either from Tools\Python Tools... or by deleting the last download time/date stamp in the registry and opening a PTVS project, yielded an "unavailable" page in the VS embedded browser. The problem survey was:
The result of choosing the feed hyperlink from http://ptvs.cloudapp.net/admin/news/article/overview/ yielded the following:

"cannotvoteagain": [
"notvoted": [
"canvoteagain": []
Closed Feb 7 at 8:13 PM by huguesv


huguesv wrote Jul 3, 2013 at 6:09 PM

Not sure if this still happens. Due to the caching now in place, it is quite possible that the feed and the survey/news page be out of sync, for up to 5 mins (the cache lifetime).