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Navigation bar does not always refresh after nested method name changes


Using PTVS 2.0 Alpha.

Renaming nested methods of a class does not always trigger an update of the right-hand Navigation Bar drop-down.

Observed this with both Refactor-Rename and by manually renaming methods as well.

However, using Ctrl-H does seem to correctly trigger an update, but only for the affected method name.

Clicking in and out of the renamed method's scope I observe the Navigation Bar shows the scope change, but displays the old name.

Making any change outside the scope of the method triggers an update.

While toying with this I discovered that it seems Undo (at least via Ctrl-Z) similarly doesn't update the list.

Seems related to file size (but independent of class size).

When I went to put together a small example to demonstrate, I discovered that my observed bug isn't present in a small file (just a single class with a few members).

To reproduce, just open any large file (I tried and rename a member function.