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Python integration for Visual Studio (click to embigen)


PTVS is a free/OSS plugin that turns Visual Studio into a Python IDE.  PTVS supports CPython, IronPython, Editing, Browsing, Intellisense, Debugging, Profiling, HPC Clusters, Multiple REPL’s, IPython, Django, and Cloud computing with Client Libraries for Windows, Linux and MacOS.   This is an officially supported product from Microsoft's Developer Division.

New features for PTVS 2.0 Alpha:

Analysis & Intellisense Virtual Env Remote Debug for Linux/OS X Debug As Script
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Core IDE:  PTVS supports all the core features of Visual Studio plus many Python specific ones:

Editing & Intellisense
Parallel Debug & Watch
Live Debug REPL
MPI & Cluster Computing

Azure:  PTVS now supports VMs, Cloud Service, Web Sites, Client Libraries and Browser based computing on Azure:

Django Framework &
Publish to Azure

Win, Linux, Mac Python Azure Client Libraries
Python in the Browser:
IPython notebook


Complete list of Azure related features at:

Quick Start Guide

For a completely free setup, you can install PTVS into the Visual Studio "Integrated Shell" for a fully functional Python IDE. The general installation steps are:

  1. Uninstall any previous versions of "IronPython Tools" or PTVS (if any)
  2. Install a Python distribution (just an interpreter [CPython or IronPython] or a full distro)
  3. Install Visual Studio 2010 or 2012 (or the Free "Integrated Shell" which gives you the equivalent of “Python Express”)
  4. Run the PTVS installer & you're in business.

Here are the detailed PTVS Installation Instructions.


Latest PTVS info is available on our Codeplex PTVS News page, on twitter: @pt4vs, and

Getting Involved

PTVS is built by a small team – we would love for you to get involved! Please see details here.

Building PTVS yourself

If you’d like to build the code yourself, please see the instructions here: Building PTVS from source.

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Dedicated to Kyril Faenov

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