10 May 2013

PTVS 2.0 Beta


The PTVS team is currently heads down on the 2.0 Beta release features & bug fixes.   Please take a few minutes to file any bugs you have with 1.5RTM or 2.0Alpha to help us prioritize resources. 

PTVS 2.0 Beta is currently scheduled for public release in early July.

Here’s a partial list of the items we’re working on:

  • Lots of bug fixes of course…
  • Mixed-mode debug: debug Python/C/C++ together
  • Vastly improved intellisense
  • Azure SDK update
  • Show-All-Files
  • wfastcgi update
  • Remote debug on Linux/OSX/Windows from PTVS
  • Vastly improved “Interpreters” window
  • Virtual Env support
  • Various smaller features

Note: during the next few weeks, you’ll see a lot of bugs filed – don’t panic – these are against 2.0 Beta internal builds Smile.


PTVS team

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