PTVS to do suggest imports in the way C# suggests usings

May 2 at 7:16 PM
Edited May 2 at 7:18 PM
In C#, if I begin to type a statement like:
var scn = new SqlConnection(); 
the reference to SqlConnection will be underlined in a red squiggly. If I right-click on it, the context menu contains a Resolve item, that suggests that I need a using statement. If I accept the suggestion, the using statement is added to my program.

If I do the same thing in ptvs, no error (squiggly) is generated and there is no suggestion to import the missing module.

Can this be added?

Similarly, if I have another Python file called Foo containing a class called Foo that I want to use that is part of the same project, and I begin to type:
f = Foo()
I'd like ptvs to first note that there is an error (missing ref) and second offer to add
from Foo import Foo 
to my import statements.

Can this be done?
May 3 at 4:52 PM
please see for an important message...