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EOL & EOVS for PTVS v2.1

Apr 1, 2015 at 1:39 PM
Hello PTVS Team,

We are planning to introduce PTVS v2.1 in our company and for that activity, I need to get following information :
1) What's the EOL(End-Of-Life) date for v2.1?
2) What's the EOVS(End-Of-Vendor-Support) date for v2.1?
  • In our terms EOL/EOVS dates mean when the specific version will be stopped supporting by vendor (EOVS) or the vendor stopped making enhancement/bugs fixing (EOL).
In case you do not have road map or schedule for those dates, please confirm it as well.
That will be consider as an official information, too.

Thank you.

Milan Stakic