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Path Environment Variable for mixed environments

Feb 18, 2015 at 12:18 PM
It would be helpful to see a little more information as to what needs to be entered in the Path Environment Variable in VS2013.

In my case, I already had Anaconda installed in the default C:\Anaconda path. I had also previously created conda environments so I also have the following Anaconda environments:

Generally, when creating scripts, I tend to work with my .py files stored in my C:\Users\Bertie\Onedrive\Python as I can then also work from my laptop when at home. (Note my laptop uses SyncCentre so that Network resources are available off-line which is where my data is held).

When I installed PTVS, the first and default environment that can not be changed is the Python 2.7 that references the root C:\Anaconda distribution. This environment has Path Environment Variable set to PYTHONPATH.

My question is when I create the other Environments in VS2013 (so that I point to the conda environments mentioned above py278 and py341), what value if anything do I need to specify in the Path Environment Variable? Should they all be PYTHONPATH, or best have them blank or point to my OneDrive?

Many thanks and apologies for the trivial question but its not clear to me.
p.s. Sorry for posting in Issues, this is probably best in Discussions.