Intellisense and added reference assemblies?

Aug 26 at 10:43 PM
Is there any way of preloading a DLL so that for the current session it will be available/recognised by Intellisense (for eg in the same way that 'IronPython.Wpf.dll' is)?

My reason for asking is that I have a third party C# DLL with loads of methods; if Intellisense were available on it I would not have to keep referring to the Object Browser or source code.
Aug 26 at 10:49 PM
You should be able to add it as a Reference in your project (see our References documentation). It may not show up immediately unless you have import clr and call one of the clr.AddReference* functions.

These can be inside an if False: block if you don't actually want to execute them, though it should always be safe in IronPython to execute these functions multiple times with the same parameters.
Aug 27 at 2:44 AM
Thanks for that!
I could never see the point in adding references to the project since you HAVE to do clr.AddReference() anyway - now I know :)
Aug 27 at 3:25 AM
Yeah. At this point we could probably figure it out from search paths and AddReference calls, but the support for adding a reference has been there for ages.

We could probably make it add a search path and offer AddReference completions, but we don't have enough information on how people use it in order to make useful design changes.