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Sphinx (reStructuredText) editing/navigation support in Visual Studio 2013?

Aug 12, 2014 at 1:15 PM
Not the best place to ask this question but it is related to Python & Visual Studio.

Is there any VS2013 extension that adds Sphinx (or even just reStructuredtext) editing/navigation support?

I see there is some support for Markdown (which is somewhat similar). These might be good examples of how to write a VS2013 extension to support reST.

I suppose it might be possible to use IronPython to just run the Sphinx + docutils Python code, but for syntax highlighting, outlining, intellisense, etc. won't it be necessary to be able to parse .rst files?

Here's the parsers for .rst I discovered so far:

Python (of course)

elisp (4200+ lines)

Java - Jetbrains PyCharm

Perhaps to use the Jetbrains rest.flex I could use FsLex + FsYacc?

Online reST editors (which presumably can parse reSt)

Any tips on how to proceed with this (probably harder than I expect) project would be appreciated.