PTVS 2.1 beta 2 installation on Visual Studio 2013 Express Update 3

Aug 11 at 8:05 AM

It seems I can't install PTVS on my VS Express.
Installation rolls back and show this screen :

I have no clue about what happened that prevent it from installing.

I tried installing VS Update 2 on top of my Update 3 installation, but it cannot be done.

Aug 11 at 1:33 PM
OK, I finally could do it.
I had a weird old installation of PyTools with VS 2013 Preview which was not uninstalled correctly.

I had to find and delete a lot of registry keys to make it work.

So now my problem is that i can't run any interactive prompt without having this error message :
Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013 pour Windows Desktop
ReplId FAEC7F47-85D8-4899-8D7B-0B855B732CC8 2af0f10d-7135-4994-9156-5d01c9c11b7e 2.7 was not provided by an IReplWindowProvider
I have both Python 2.7 + IronPython 2.7 installed. They were here before VS2013 and before PTVS, but they were detected immediately.

Aug 11 at 5:40 PM
It may be that you didn't clean up everything (or you cleaned up too much). Does the old version not appear in Programs and Features? If you can uninstall it from there and then reinstall the newer version (we just released RC!) you may have more luck. I assume you reinstalled/repaired the newer version after removing the old one?

If you can't get to the old installer (rerunning the MSI is another option if you can find it) then I'll see if I can help you through cleaning up whatever is left.
Aug 12 at 5:59 AM
Hi, thanks for your reply.

The old version doesn't appear anymore in Programs & Features, I've been quite thorough in regedit :)
I think all my problems come from the fact that I installed VS Express 2013 on top of the Preview or RC version that was bundled with PTVS (it was last year I think?). Yesterday I uninstalled VSExpress 2013 (and had to manually remove things here too) and installed the very latest one (Update 3). I had to repair the installation to make it work properly after reboot though.

Anyway, I installed the PTVS 2.1 RC but my two (or three) problems remain:
  1. This message box appears when I try to start an interactive prompt.
Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013 pour Windows Desktop
ReplId BA417560-5A78-46F1-B065-638D27E1CDD0 was not provided by an IReplWindowProvider
  1. See I don't have syntax highlighting for Python and
  2. I have an exception with Intellisense ( ).
Do you prefer to continue the discussion here or in Issues?
Aug 12 at 4:27 PM
As this seems to be an installation issue on your machine, I'd rather keep the discussion here.

Certainly VS does not handle upgrades from Preview/RC versions very well (though it seems to be significantly improved for VS 14), and our integrated package didn't handle uninstalls well either. If you had any plans to clean your entire system, this might be good motivation to do that sooner :)

Otherwise, you may be running into issues because you haven't cleaned up the "Microsoft.VisualStudio.ReplWindow" extension (or similar), that should be in Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\Common7\IDE\Extensions\Microsoft alongside where PTVS is installed. This is actually part of PTVS, but it had the wrong name up until recently.

You may also need to remove some files from the global assembly cache (GAC). To do this, you'll need a copy of gacutil (it comes with some older versions of Visual Studio or in the Windows SDK - search Program Files (x86) for gacutil.exe to find it). Then you'll want to use gacutil /l <name> to find the full names of the assemblies below, and then gacutil /u <name> to remove them. If you haven't fully cleaned up the old installation, then they may refuse to be removed - try to fully clean it up. You should also uninstall your current version of PTVS before attempting this too. (And please don't go removing any assemblies other than these - this is a pretty easy way to break your entire machine...)

The assemblies you'll need to remove are:
  • Microsoft.PythonTools
  • Microsoft.PythonTools.Analysis
  • Microsoft.PythonTools.Attacher
  • Microsoft.PythonTools.Debugger
  • Microsoft.PythonTools.ImportWizard
  • Microsoft.PythonTools.VSInterpreters
  • Microsoft.VisualStudio.ReplWindow
Note that not all of these may be installed, depending on which version of PTVS you had. After removing these, you must reinstall PTVS in order to replace the files that are necessary.