Intellisense not working for extension module

May 12 at 9:19 AM
I have some extension module written in CPython. These are getting attached as project reference very well, but intellisense seems to be not working. If I import the same extensions in interactive window, intellisense works fine. I need set PYTHONPATH before importing these modules and I use custom hook for loading extension modules.

Would you guide me in this problem? I don't know what is going wrong in editor.
May 13 at 4:56 PM
Are you adding project references to the C++ projects that build the extension? If so, this is not yet properly supported, and you'll need to add a reference directly to the .pyd file as well (in the latest dev build the situation is improved, but still not perfect).

It may also be the custom hook that is causing issues. Can you have a look in C:\Users\<your name>\AppData\Local\Python Tools\References DB and see if you can find a file that looks similar to your module? If there aren't any, or if there are *.idb files that are around 200 bytes, it probably means we can't import the module in our script that we use to get the members. We'll need to hear more about the custom hook in this case.