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Cannot breakpoint on remote session

Sep 27, 2013 at 12:10 PM
I've installed ptvsd on an Ubuntu 12.04. I'm using VS2012 on Windows 8 and, for completeness, I've installed CPython on Windows (although it isn't entirely clear if I need to have Python on the Windows machine).

I'm copying my test script from my PC to the Ubuntu server into my home directory. The script is very simple:

import sys
import ptvsd

ptvsd.enable_attach(secret = 'joshua')

print('Hello World')


print('This line occurs after the breakpoint')
I run the script on the Ubuntu server:


and the console window waits. I then attach to the process on my Windows PC. Even though I've set a breakpoint on the Hello World print, the console displays "Hello World" and breaks on "ptvsd.break_into_debugger()". Without that, the script would run to completion.

I've seen and similar modified my installation of ptvsd on the Ubuntu server but the script will not stop running unless I call break_into_debugger :-(.


Sep 27, 2013 at 4:59 PM
We have made a recent fix for this that hasn't been released yet, but you can grab from our sources already.

It'd be great if you could try it and let us know if it's worked. This is something we'd really like to fix before we release 2.0 RTM, if possible.

We also have seen occasional problems with blank lines (or it may be lonely lines... we aren't certain yet). Can you try adding another statement immediately after the print('Hello World') and see if we will break on either of those (before grabbing the updated file, if you like)?