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how to fill excel table using Pyvot

Mar 29, 2013 at 8:09 PM
Hello forum,

using the Pyvot module I tried to add datasets to an existing table. However, from reading the documentation I only learned how to add columns to tables. The part in the documentation on ranges obviously was to difficult to understand for me.
I have a list containing lists in the form of:
 container = [ [dataset1, value1, value2] , [dataset2, value1, value2] ]
but was not able to add this data into my xl file. Sufficiently working for me was the code:
for each in container:
So each dataset would get an own column. By transposing the table (manually) I was able to get the desired result. However, I am not happy how I got the result. Could you give me an hint on how to add a dataset to an existing table?

With best regards.