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Start debugging at runtime

Nov 14, 2012 at 8:57 PM


i got some problems with Python ... I´m using it to apply scripting support for my game. I´m adding some variables to a new scope and then execute the script once a frame.

I always get an error saying that there are undefined names. I set a variable called "INIT", which is false at the beginning. In my script this code is at the beginning:

# Init script if neccessary
if (INIT == False):
    elapsedTime = 0

It always breaks with the message "elapsedTime" is not defined - because i´m using "elapsedTime += ..." in the next lines.


What i want to say: It would be great if it was possible to debug step by step trough a file at runtime, using the scope from "scriptsource.Execute(scope)" to debug the script.

Is this possible? Would be a great feature :)