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Correct exception tracing with PTVS 1.5 beta in VS 2010 professional ?

Aug 20, 2012 at 12:47 PM

Dear All,

I just started with Ironpython 2.7.3, PTVS 1.5 beta and VS 2010 Professional as an IDE.

One big problem I have so far is that thrown exceptions are not indicated in the line where they happen but at the end of the respective method.

I am not in release mode but in debugging mode - and I do not rethrow my exception - so that should be fine.

Which setting do I have to change to get a correct exception tracing ?

Or is it not working in PTVS 1.5 beta and better should use PTVS 1.1 ?

Thanks !!!




Aug 22, 2012 at 12:54 AM

This is a matter of using .NET debugging versus Python debugging.  PTVS ships w/ a debug engine which can work with any Python interpreter, but by default for IronPython projects we use the .NET debugging engine - there's an assumption there that you might want to step through and call into C# code.  Unfortunately the .NET debugger gives a slightly sub-par experience w/ Python even though it does have the additional cross-language debugging feature.  If you go into project properties on the Debug tab and change the launcher to the standard Python launcher you should see better line tracking w/ exceptions.